1. Market Segments

Market Segments

Market Segments


Architectural firms have a number of maps and drawings of different sizes. Mostly these are big sheets of paper that are difficult to carry at all places. Retrieval of the updated drawing becomes a problem, as there are multiple revisions involved.

FOREGLIMPSE can be beneficial for architects-

  • Digitization of drawings
  • Version management
  • Cloud services
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banks financial institutions

Financial institutions face problems of maintenance of voluminous data. There is also a high risk involved in keeping all the data within their office premises. There is a constant need to maintain financial records of each client.

FOREGLIMPSE addresses needs of financial industry by-

  • Offsite data storage
  • Digitization
  • Bookmarking for multiple client data
  • Tracking detailed client information
  • Additional backup facility
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chartered accountants

CA firms are loaded with accounting data. They need to maintain all the documents for a minimum period of 7 years. These papers take up a lot of space, irrespective of whether they are retrieved regularly or not.

FOREGLIMPSE offers solutions for chartered accountants-

  • Digitization of accounting data
  • Indexing
  • Physical Storage Management
  • Secure Shredding
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corporate advisory

Often advisory firms are not sure how they would benefit from record management services. A lot of time and effort goes into organizing files within an office. This is where we help. We offer customized services that would contribute to the success of the firm.

FOREGLIMPSE can help improve business processes in the following way-

  • Reducing cost factor
  • Business Process Management
  • Email management
  • Cloud Services
  • Reducing data redundancy
  • Structuring data flow
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Schools/ universities are required to maintain both student and staff records for a long duration. In addition, they also need to keep old marksheets and question papers. Logging admission papers is also an essential requirement. Schools/colleges need to have a well-organised library system.

FOREGLIMPSE can work well with education institutions-

  • Catering to tight budget
  • Digitization of all records
  • Book Scanning
  • Safety of sensitive information
  • Maintaining department wise data
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Any Government organization deals with very large amounts of data. Space is always an important constraint with them. Often Government offices are cluttered with paper. The biggest issue is always to extract the right document. This may take up days only because it is not well organized. The documents may also get lost or spoilt over a period of time.

FOREGLIMPSE can be beneficial for Government offices-

  • Digitization
  • Organizing files
  • Faster document access
  • Secure shredding
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Privacy is the utmost concern for any healthcare organization. Hospitals have several patient records that have to be kept confidential. They also generate billing documents for each patient. Database of employees including doctors should be easily available as and when needed.


  • Document handling
  • Capturing detailed patient records
  • Data security
  • Digitization of all paperwork
  • Employee database management
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Hotels and Resorts are always dealing with multiple customer records. They need to keep information handy for all their clients, that includes invoices, reservation slips etc. There is a lot of internal paperwork that needs to be taken care of. Consolidation of data from multiple branches could also be an area of concern.

FOREGLIMPSE helps in getting all this information together-

  • Digitization
  • Cloud Services
  • Bookmarking
  • Offsite e-data storage
  • Faster Record Access
  • Multiple Record Retrieval
  • Tracking detailed client information
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HR firms

A lot of recruitment data has to be recorded in an HR firm. They also need to maintain a database of companies.

FOREGLIMPSE can help HR firms in the follow way-

  • Database management
  • Digitization of recruitment data
  • Indexing
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The success of a Logistics company lies in ensuring smooth delivery to clients. For this purpose, their paperwork has to be in place and readily available. They are constantly juggling with loads of delivery receipts on a daily basis. This could also involve delivery receipts to be managed across cities/countries.

FOREGLIMPSE can ensure smooth functioning by-

  • Digitization of delivery receipts
  • Organising paperwork
  • Cloud services for maintaining data in multiple locations
  • Physical storage for old receipts
  • Secured shredding of unwanted documents
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Manufacturing companies deal with varied documents such as drawings, puchase orders, accounting papers, internal documents, brochures etc. All this data needs to be organized properly for better functioning of the organization. A paperless office can improve work efficiency to a great extent by controlling overhead costs.

FOREGLIMPSE can make paperless offices-

  • Digitization
  • Indexing
  • Cloud solutions
  • Secure shredding
  • Maintaining company balance sheets and other accounts data
  • Controlling data redundancy
  • Email management
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real estate

The biggest challenge for real estate companies is handling huge amount of property papers. Their issue is not only with documents and certificates, but also access to maps of big sizes. What could be better than to have all these papers on the go.

FOREGLIMPSE can make life easier for real estate companies-

  • Digitization
  • Data Access
  • Time saving
  • Reducing hassle of carrying bulky papers
  • Physical storage for property papers
  • Security of certificates
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Travel agencies deal with several queries on a day to day basis. They face challenges like keeping track of clients, their customised needs, their travel documents etc. Not only this, they need to keep updated travel packages at all times. Each package contains a lot of data for example, flight information, tourist attractions, restaurant details etc.

FOREGLIMPSE can tie up with travel agencies for-

  • Digitization of travel documents/packages
  • Secured customer data record keeping
  • Cloud based solution
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